Hurst Cycles on MT4

Bring the full power of Hurst Cycles to your trading platform!

Enjoy the benefits of an expert Hurst Cycles analysis ... updated in real time.
And use Hurst Cycle tools to profit from trading in "time" with the market.

Hurst Cycles for MT4 is not one indicator, but a suite of tools:

  • Hurst Cycles Analysis tool which analyzes all timeframes and cycles from 25-minutes to 18-years in length. The results of the analysis are plotted on your charts using Hurst's diamond and circle-and-whisker notation
  • Hurst FLD indicator which correctly plots Hurst's Future Line of Demarcation for all cycles on the basis of the analysis (the wavelength the FLD is based upon is dynamically adjusted as the analysis is updated).
  • Hurst VTL indicator which plots Hurst's Valid Trend Lines for all cycles on the basis of the analysis.
  • Bar counting tool: Hurst cycles affect markets in real time, and this drag-and-drop tool provides you with a constant measurement of the number of bars and time elapsed from any point on the chart.

Want to incorporate Hurst Cycles into your trading in a unique way?

No problem! The core Hurst Cycles Analysis tool makes analysis information available to your custom indicators and Expert Advisors. You can focus on the application of the analysis - the analysis itself is done for you!


To provide maximum flexibility we offer several options: purchase a once-off license (with no repeat or subscription costs), or pay for a monthly subscription license. The once-off license purchase can be made with a single payment, or with a convenient 6-month payment plan

Hurst Cycles for MT4 is licensed to a single MT4 account.

Need to change your account number? No problem ... use our simple online tool to manage your license.

Trade more than one MT4 account? Take advantage of the volume discounts available on the once-off licenses.

Need help?

Your license gives you access to the Hurst Cycles Trading Academy, where our videos will get you started quickly and provide you with a wealth of information about trading with Hurst Cycles.

And we have a support team eagerly standing by to get you up-and-trading ...

(Note price is in US Dollars)

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Hurst Cycles for MT4 - 6-month payment plan

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